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SDP Free Procurement Advice And Training

Above: Supplier Development Programme (SDP)

Supplier Development Programme (SDP) is a business initiative  supported by Scottish Local Authorities, Scottish Government and other public bodies.

The aim of the programme is to ensure that Scottish SMe’s and Third Sector organisations have access to free procurement advice and training, to ensure they can FIND, WIN and KEEP government contracts.

Aligning Training with Local Procurement Opportunities

Examples include :

  • Identifying market sectors which will be new to tendering e.g.  early years, taxi services, car repairs,  relating to particular contracts - getting suppliers tender ready
  • Using a Dynamic Purchasing system:  up skilling and educating suppliers on this tender proces
  • Bespoke Meet the Buyer events: meeting the commissioners / end purchasers
  • Working with supply chain contracts to promote sub contract opportunities
  • Focusing on key topics, such as Sustainability or Community Benefits

Website: www.sdpscotland.co.uk

Telephone:  01698 453734

Email: info@sdpscotland.co.uk

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Published: 26 October 2018