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ri Sponsors Greenock Telegraph Community Awards

Riverside Inverclyde, through its community activities, was proud to be a category sponsor for the Greenock Telegraph Community Champion Awards which were awarded at a special dinner event in the Greenock Town Hall on 23 June 2017.

The awards had been established to recognise, celebrate and honour the achievements and tireless endeavours undertaken each and every day by people within the communities throughout Greenock and the wider Inverclyde area.

Above - Riverside Inverclyde's table consisted of local Councillors, Community Council and Gourock/Port Glasgow Regeneration Forum members

Riverside Inverclyde were category sponsors of the Heart of Gold Award, an award that was created to go to someone who has made a contribution of outstanding significance to Greenock and the wider Inverclyde area. This was to recognise an adult whose actions, achievements, courage or bravery have touched the lives of others and made a difference. Someone special who truly has a heart of gold.

Hosted by the BBC's Alison Walker, the category nominees were:

Anastasia Williams

Fundraising for good causes has been the focal point of Anastasia's life. Despite facing health problems of her own, for over 40 years she has been tirelessly raised money for people all over Inverclyde and beyond. Anastasia is described by friends as a 'true inspiration to all who know her'.

Dr Sadhu-Ram Gupta

Doctor Gupta has spent a huge part of his life tirelessly fundraising within Inverclyde to help charity missions to restore sight among some of the world's most impoverished people. He set up home locally after coming to Scotland in 1974 and has since raised tens of thousands of pounds to help fund his eye camps in places like Pakistan, India and Ethiopia.

Janice Hendrie

The achievements of Janice transcend the sporting field where she has made her name. The much-loved former PE teacher has been like a second mum to youngsters at Inverclyde Athletics Club and is a role model to the people within and outside the sport.

Rachel Way

Rachel has been a carer for 50 years, bringing up her brothers when her mother left her at the age of 10. Since retiring, she has dedicated herself to volunteering and helping local charities and has become a key 'buddy' at Your Voice in Greenock. She continues to be a tower of strength for vulnerable, elderly and isolated people across Inverclyde.

The winner of the Heart of Gold award was Rachel Way, who received her prize from Riverside Inverclyde's Acting Chief Executive Fiona Maguire. Fiona said:

"Riverside Inverclyde's key focus on providing quality employment space to attract new companies and economic growth to Inverclyde is working - there are over 850 people now employed by our tenants across our property portfolio and we have a challenge to do much more. However, we never forget that regeneration is holistic. It is about community as well as the physical environment and economic growth. ri is proud to help celebrate the successes of our community, particularly the exceptional recipient of the Heart of Gold Award, Rachel Way, whose story and acts of strength and kindness are exceptional.

"A huge congratulations to all of the nominees and winners of the inaugural Greenock Telegraph Community Awards. It has been an absolute privilege for Riverside Inverclyde to sponsor these awards. Whilst our focus is to improve the long-term economic future for Inverclyde, we fully recognise the wider reaching benefits that this has across our communities and residents. These awards just further highlighted Inverclyde's greatest asset - our people."

Above - Heart of Gold Award Winner Rachel Way receives her award from Riverside Inverclyde's Acting Chief Executive Fiona Maguire. 

The 10 categories of awards and winners were:

Sporting Champion of the Year - Caitlyn Haldane. Runners-Up - Jamie Bradley and Shirley Reford.

Entreprenurial Award - David.R.Faller. Runners-Up - 2020 Renewables, Morrison's Foundation and Tony Bonatti.

Little Champions of the Year - Cameron Smith, Nathan Mowat, Olivia Thomson and Lucy McLellan.

Young Enterprise Champion - Victoria Hamilton Innovation. Runners-Up - Reach for Change and Money Manager.

Teacher of the Year - Lesley McLaren. Runners-Up - Denise Crawford, Helen Cook and Paul Giffney. 

Youth Community Champion - Amy Shearer. Runners-Up - Kyle Brotherton, Leah Canning and Rhys McCole.

Community Champion of the Year - Robert Whaley. Runners-Up - Erica Noone, Maureen Pentland and Vicki McCarthy.

Charity Champion of the Year - Tommy Armstrong. Runners-Up - James McKechnie and Your Voice Inverclyde Community Care Forum.

Live Music Award - Riverside Youth Band. Runners-Up - Lewis Darrah and The Urban Folker.

Riverside Inverclyde sponsored Heart of Gold Award - Rachel Way. Runners-Up - Anastasia Williams, Dr Sadhu-Ram Gupta and Janice Hendrie.

A further Judges Award was announced on the night, with the winning and deserving recipitant being Erica Noone. Erica lost her husband Mark to Motor Neurone Disease 6 years ago. She could have allowed her world to crumble around her but instead the brave mum-of-two used the tragedy to drive a selfless fundraising effort to help find a cure for the cruel condition. Her efforts have taken her all over the world and she has raised tens of thousands of pounds for MND Scotland.

For more details and pictures, please visit the Greenock Telegraph website - www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk.