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Scottish Business Network Co-Founder Speaks in Inverclyde

Above: Russell Dalgleish takes in some of the archtecture at the Custom House in Greenock

A Scottish Business Network (SBN) speaker event at the newly-refurbished Custom House hosted by regeneration company Riverside Inverclyde was a fantastic success, attended by over 30 businesses on Thursday 11 January 2018.

The free event was delivered by SBN co-founder Russell Dalgleish and focused on increasing international business opportunities for individuals and businesses.  The event was well received by all of the attendees, with the opportunity to network over breakfast prior to the event proving very useful for attendees.

As one of the most connected Scottish businessman, Russell is a high-profile influencer and connector, as well as a serial entrepreneur.  He is the founding Managing Partner of the advisory group, Exolta Capital Partners as well as angel investor. In his earlier career, he has held board leadership positions with International companies achieving turnover in excess of £200m.

Above - Russell Dalgleish gives his guide to improving international business opportunities to the delegates. 

The Scottish Business Network is an organisation created to facilitate greater communication and connectivity between a network of the leading Scottish diaspora around the globe, in order to proactively assist and support Scottish based companies expand internationally.

Andrew Bowman, Head of Business Investment at Riverside Inverclyde said:

“Thank you to all of the businesses that attended this fantastic speaker and network event. Riverside Inverclyde was delighted to be able to attract such a high-calibre speaker in Russell Dalgleish to Inverclyde and raise the international opportunities for businesses through the Scottish Business Network.  Riverside Inverclyde is committed to showcasing Inverclyde as an area for inwards investment whilst facilitating the growth of the companies already based here.  We continue to develop our events programme and thank Russell for an inspirational morning."

Russell Dalgleish said:

"It was a privilege to speak to an audience of business leaders at this Riverside Inverclyde event. I was delighted with the professionalism of the event and quality of the attendees. Inverclyde as a region certainly looks to be an area of Scotland well worth further investigation to anyone interested in looking for new commercial opportunities in Scotland. 110,000 visiting cruiseliner passengers per year with an expansion to the Ocean Terminal planned makes this an area for focus."

At the event Russell shared his BRAVE technique to help support business aims to win new business.  The online training course can be purchased at: 


Above: Attendees enjoy the opportunity to network over breakfast prior to the event

For more information on investment opportunities in Inverclyde please visit: http://riversideinverclyde.co.uk/investing-in-inverclyde.html.

For more information on Russell Dalgleish please visit: http://www.russelldalgleish.co.uk/ 

For more information on Scottish Business Network please visit: https://www.sbn.scot/

Published - 18 January 2018