Taste Inverclyde Website Launch

Riverside Inverclyde has today launched its new Taste Inverclyde website, which has been created to deliver a local food and drink platform for Inverclyde residents and visitors, aimed at promoting local eateries and the produce that they sell.  From the outset, Taste Inverclyde will showcase independent restaurants, cafés and bars with the aim to expand to include street food, hotels and food producers throughout 2018.  

The site will also offer visitors special offers across the Inverclyde eateries. The Taste Inverclyde website address is www.tasteinverclyde.co.uk

Taste Inverclyde will also be launching a collaborative forum for manufacturers, restaurants, cafes and farms within Inverclyde to come together to discuss, innovate and create local produce that can then be sold across the UK and abroad.  The first meeting will be held on 25 January 2018 with further details released next week.

For any food and drink companies or individuals that are interesting in learning more about Taste Inverclyde, please contact Riverside Inverclyde at: taste@riversideinverclyde.com

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Published: 12 December 2017